German Truck Simulator

Great game for anyone who wants to drive the rigs of Germany


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  • Program license Trial version
  • Version 1.32
  • Size 388.45 MB
  • Works under: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by SCS Software

Explore Germany in Your Very Own Truck

German Truck Simulator is another instalment in a series of simulation games that mimic the experience of long distance truck driving. Although fairly realistic, these games have receives mixed reviews from players. Find out if German Truck Simulator has what it takes to break the mould by reading the review.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a long distance truck driver on the highways of Germany, wonder no longer. German Truck Simulator manages to perfectly recreate this experience, along with the long, lonely drives and thankless task of taking goods from one place to another. The only thing that’s really missing is the real life salary that you would earn at the end of a shift. If you manage to last several hours in the game, you may well think that this time and effort was worth a bit of a payout.

This is actually the 10th trucking game in the simulation series produced by SCS Software. After so many attempts the company has managed to hone their skills and the game features all of the best aspects of the other games. This certainly shines through in the graphics, which for the most part are very crisp and clear.

Whereas Euro Truck Simulator offered gamers the whole of Europe to explore, the game play this time is limited solely to Germany. This may actually seem like a step down rather than an improvement, although there are still a large number of different destinations to explore and routes to cover, just as long as you remain within the German borders. All of the roads are very realistically reproduced and people who have actually spent time driving in Germany are sure to recognise plenty of landmarks along the way.

The game doesn’t really feature a storyline and even the main character is not given a name. Players spend their time delivering cargo to various different places to receive experience points and game cash. Before you know it it is time to embark on the next mission and there is no time to explore the game world independently or do a little sightseeing along the way.

Despite the pressing need to start the next mission, the pacing of the game is actually rather slow and missions tend to take a long time to complete. Players will spend the majority of their time sitting in the cab of the truck looking out the window and probably wishing they were anywhere else. Anywhere else at all really, and probably playing a different game as well. At some points event watching paint dry sounds like a thrilling change.

Having said all that, this was a rather dull and unimaginative concept to begin with, and no amount of good execution could ever really change that. Few gamers probably wake up in the morning looking forward to the experience of pretending to drive a truck through Germany. Those who actually do probably need to wander in the outside world for a bit and get some fresh air.

German Truck Simulator fails to deliver the excitement and versatility that many other simulation games offer. While the game does provide the experience of driving a truck through Germany in a very realistic way, the experience is perhaps a little bit too realistic and feels more like actually working as a truck driver than playing a game for fun.


  • The graphics are fairly good
  • The road layout is realistic
  • Lots of places to visit


  • Driving on highways can be boring and repetitive
  • Missions take a long time to complete
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